School Facilities Master Plan First Public Meeting

The Warren Easton auditorium was notably less than full.

This speaker I believe was Bob from Ohio who gave a presentation about how our schools have to be ’21st century learning environments’ because our kids will compete in the future with lowest-wage tech workers in Asia. I’m not kidding, this is what is planned for our children.  Our old buildings just aren’t suited for that technology-dependent lifestyle and ideology.  Besides, says Bob, why would we want to hang on to the past?

I would like to know why we can’t recognize our past, learn from it, and value the lessons and gifts our elders have for us?

This is the consultant for Parsons.

Of course since it was an America Speaks/Concordia meeting, there was stretching:

and this stuff:

and these questions:

This woman is an educator who sat at my table and got up to complain to Mr. Bingler that the event was a waste of participants’ time since the information was so meaningless.

The questions were too vague and all agreed the outcomes seemed predetermined, including the table moderators. She left in frustration as did many others. The people of DeSoto Parish, Louisiana and Baghdad, Iraq have had detrimental experiences with these same parties. I am calling your attention to specific information about how Iraqis and New Orleans public schools stakeholders are having related experiences. These consultants are now recommending a plan with enormous consequences for our City’s future ability to heal and sustain ourselves. It is imperative to elect a board who will be a watchdog on behalf of our public assets. I have been holding public officials accountable to the best of my ability as a parent and concerned community member. Now my education community leaders are telling me it is time for me to step from ‘in front of the table as an activist’ to ‘behind the table as a decision maker.’ I am asking for your vote to make that a reality. I will make you proud as an advocate for the public interests of the people of New Orleans.


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Thanks Everyone!!!

What a great experience! Expensive and time-consuming, yes, but highly educational. And there is no place better than District 3. I feel so fortunate to have met so many neighbors around the Fairgrounds, in Lakeview and Gentilly. I see the need all the more for human connections in education matters – we are still a scattered people every day. Since the election, I have been spending time with my kids and “catching up”. I am ready for a new year with lots of positive things in the works.

I had the opportunity to get to know the candidates and I was favorably impressed by Brett Bonin who won District 3. He’s honorable, has a good heart, and is up to the task of getting our system’s finances in order. I’m looking forward to the new board as they will bring an unprecedented level of professionalism to the office. They are all good people who know and love our communities and want the best for all – they really do. New Orleans will be well-served by the new Board and it was an honor to be a part of the race.

I’ve got new research coming out in the next few weeks so check back with for more education monitoring!

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