Platform for Positive Change

1.  Assure that every child in Orleans Parish has access to the opportunities, resources and support he or she needs to succeed.
2.  Offer students training in skilled trades and life/resiliency skills, in addition to college prep and the arts, to end the school-to-prison pipeline.
3.  Recognize, value and apply the expertise of local stakeholders and community partners to address our issues.
4.  Insist on more public input in budgeting and financial matters.
5.  Ensure families have access to quality neighborhood schools in every district.
6.  Institute meaningful charter school monitoring to empower families to make informed decisions.
7.  Promote students’ voices and participation in decision-making.
8.  Re-establish adult education and literacy programs.
9.  Preserve, renovate and revitalize our structurally solid buildings to sustainable standards.
10.  Earn back local governance of our public schools through implementing best practices, establishing accountable and transparent system-wide management, and maintaining fiscal responsibility.


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